To provide prospective sports management students with a body of knowledge which will: Increase their employment opportunities;
Prepare them for supervisory and management careers in related industry and commerce and;
Provide them with a qualification which will enable them to progress to higher level general management or specialized program at a later stage in their work or academic careers
Credits all recognized by UK, US and Australian universities, e.g. DMS graduates can direct apply to US universities' final year of the Bachelor degree programme (Bemidji State University, USA [3+1, 4+0]、Central Queensland University , Australia [1.5+1.5])


The Diploma in Sports Management (DSM)

10 subjects (30 credits)

  1. General Economics (3 credits)

  2. Sports Management (3 credits)

  3. Sports Marketing Management (3 credits)

  4. Sport Injuries (3 credits)

  5. Accounting (3 credits)

  6. Customer Service Management in Sport (3 credits)

  7. Sports Anatomy (3 credits)

  8. Kinesiology (3 credits)

  9. Ball Games (3 credits)

  10. Financial Management (3 credits)


The Diploma in Sports Management is awarded upon successfully completion of all 10 subjects.

The Higher Diploma in Sports Management (HDSM) 8 units

  1. Managing People in Sports Organizations (3 credits)

  2. Business Law for Sports Management (3 credits)

  3. Sport & Recreational Operations Management (3 credits)

  4. Sport & the Media (3 credits)

  5. Sports Facility & Events Management (3 credits)

  6. Sports & Nutrition (3 credits)

  7. Strategic Management in Sport (3 credits)

  8. Track & Field (3 credits)

  9. Racket Games (3 credits)

  10. NCSF Personal Training Certification Course (4 credits)


The Higher Diploma in Sports Management is awarded on completion of all 10 subjects.

Students will be able to earn the following qualifications after the completion of the proposed ADSM program:


i) Internationally recognized Personal Trainer Certificate issued by
the National Council on Strength and Fitness (NCSF), USA


ii) Life Savings Certificate and Pool Management Certificate issued
by The Hong Kong Life Saving Society


iii) Standard First Aid Certificate issued by Hong Kong Red Cross