NCSF Certification - FAQs

Before the applications:

Is NCSF certification recognized in global?

What is NCCA accreditation?

Why do I need a qualification to become a certified personal trainer / certified strength coach / certified nutrition specialist?

What is the difference between personal trainer and strength coach?

Is there any admission requirement for applying NCSF certification?

As a non-major related undergraduate personal trainer, is it suitable for me to apply?

Are all NCSF courses offered by ASCA in Chinese?

Are the instructors in ASCA qualified?

When does the course start?

Where does the course take place?

What is the special arrangement under inclement weather conditions?

How do I apply the NCSF courses?

How do I settle the tuition fee? Is there any receipt?

After examination:

When do I know the result after the examination?

When do I get the certificate if I pass the examination?

Can I retake the exam if I fail it previously? Is there any extra fee for retaking the examination?

Is there any recertification for NCSF?

How many CEUS are needed for recertification?

How can I recertify?